Better way to fix Your page speed insights in 20 minutes

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If you are really concerned about your slow pace web page and trying to find a way to get rid of this problem then probably this article going to help you a lot. Actually, the main problem for maintaining a web page speed as slow speed can drive your traffic and you can lose the visitor.

Recently Google also maintained the page speed data to rank any web page. So if your web page takes more than 3 seconds to load than it will surely lose rank but if your website is e-commerce related then you might get a scope as Google set the normal loading time for e-commerce website 7 seconds. 

Moreover, it is an important fact for your website user experience. A bad UX can induce you a huge decline of return cause your target traffic will not stay so long to see your page contents as there are plenty of websites available.

They will just leave your website and apparently will not come again. It is not only essential for keeping your target but also required to show what you put for them. If you are going to lose your target clients you will definitely lose your page ranking. New statement from google which clearly saying that search result for a device producing a quick load time related to sources ought longspun to load times can be served in display management, as well as search results for the devices producing higher load times,  can be downgraded. So It is remarkably crucial for your web page. Right?


How to google make rank- Actually Google has its own API by which it compares your sites with other sites that offer the same services. And It takes account many segment and factors but your site will definitely get extra value if it is faster. But if you think that just making the page faster you can rank your page then you are a daydreamer. Cause fast loading is just one factor for ranking but there are plenty of factors which actually make your website more SEO friendly and can drive more viewers.


Now let’s discuss on few factors that are associated with your page speed and how you can increase the speed.


At first, we need to find out what is the actual thing that actually controls page speed. And the finding is your host. Maybe you never think that a trifling matter like host can ever be. Actually, it is if you want to save some money just taking cheap hosting service then it can slow down your webpage gradually. So for uplifting your page choosing good hosting is a must.

Now it is turned for image: actually, image is also an important factor that can slow down the page speed. If your website theme or images are too heavy to load it will lower your page speed. As large images take extra data so lessen this risk you must select images cleverly. 

You can Prefer PNG for images that do not require high details like logos and JPEG for photos.


Another factor that can slow down your page is external embedded media. Now you may be asking yourself which external media is the culprit to slow down your page.  Actually, External embedded media like videos can slow your page cause for its big data consumption. But still, you can not avoid keeping videos on your page as it adds extra value for your website. To solve this problem cleverly you can host the videos on your own server so videos can load fast and your page too.

Another factor that we most unaware are Unoptimized browser, plugins, and app: To tackle slow pace you should test your website compatibility with all browsers as all browsers cannot load all site the same way. And some plugins also take more time which also slows down the page speed. Some app seriously lower down page speed. 

Now if you have a wish to earn money from a website then you might give add to earn money. But too many ads not only bother visitors but also slow down the page speed. So if you run a page which is not built for earning only then you must avoid giving excessive ads.


Widgets:some common pins or comment sections can hold an impression on your page speed.

Double-barreled code: if your page code is not effective or too impenetrable, it will definitely diminish your page speed.


Now, what is the fastest solution and which can trace the problem and can resolve the issue instantly?

The tools that can help you will not be discussed here directly but it should contain some features like :

  • load time tester: which actually test your website loading time on different criteria and analyze whether your website meets the quality or not. There are many tools available which ensure perfect load time. You can easily pick any of them to improve the load time of your webpage.
  • Load time analysis: Load testing usually relates to the usage of forming the conventional method of a software program by affecting various users entering the application coeval. It will probe your page load time and set new metrics to develop the page speed. Load time speed test which is the key factor that accommodates to supply you perfect loading term interpretation.
  • website speed test tools: It has the same principle which will increase the speed of your page. You can find thousand of tools which will help you to improve your page speed. The popular one is Gtmetrix & Page Speed Insights which always proffer good output.


  • website load test: The working policy is the corresponding and it will do the very thing that we stated above. Actually, this will analyze your whole website traffic and other factors and find out the exact problem that increasing page loading time.


Page speed insights are such software developed by Google will give you the perfect timing of your website loading time. The tools and metrics we mentioned above are the key factors that find out the exact problem of your page. You just need your website URL and page speed insight will give you the result instantly. It will suggest to you how you can improve your page speed and by thus you can improve the page speed of your website. 

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